You Need English But You Can't Find That(但是你发现你不能没有英语)

时间:2022-02-01 15:51:47

  I have a question to ask. Why can't most people in China speak English? Perhaps some people will answer me:“ Why? Because we think that it's very boring and difficult to learn English.” But I think that learning English is both interesting and easy. Some English teachers do their best to teach their students learn English teachers are ill sometimes for students but their students' English are still bad or just so-so. Why? Why can't the English teachers improve students' English? Because most students don't like English. When they are having an English class some students are sleeping. English teachers can teach their students English but teachers can't make students like English. Few students like having English classes. English teachers are very tired because of their students. I only want to say It's very important for us to learn English well.

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